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How to switch AWS Profiles with ease

Towards the start of the year, I was introduced to the following command line utility: awsp - A very handy way to switch AWS profiles from the command line.

However, I needed more, I needed to be able to switch profiles and then launch straight in to a deployment process.

Around a similar time, I also started looking at Deno, so I decided to use Deno to rewrite awsp so that I was able to satisfy my needs of switching profiles and then go straight into said deployment.

I chose Deno because I wanted to be able to have it compile to a single executable that I could use without having to globally install yet another NPM package.

I creatively named this little cli tool awsd

Now this version does not contain the additional code I added to go straight into deploying an application, but it does allow for easy switching of AWS profiles from the command line as the original tool intended.

Choosing an AWS profile using awsd

After a AWS profile choice has been made

How easy is that!

For closing I would like to give full props to Johnny for creating the original awsp tool and would urge you to go and take a look if you want to making switching profiles, a tad quicker and easier.

You can of course go and visit awsd if you would like to look at the Deno version.

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