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Dalibor Kundrat
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Fullstack app (workshop) with distributed tracing, logging and monitoring


I would like to announce the OpenSource Fullstack App Example (Workshop) that shows a specific stack implementation from frontend to backend, including identity and distributed tracing, logging and monitoring.

What is the idea behind this?

There are many courses, trainings (paid/opensource) online that show you specific things, but not many that show you a fullstack implementation.

TroubleTraining architecture example

This is not perfectly done! Take this as my notes. Some parts were exported from my custom CCMS that I use for factory automation field, and I remember when I was just starting out and did not have snippets to help me solve certain problems.

What it's about.

  • Showing simple frontend integration for a webhooks management app with login/logout via backend bff using React, Relay, Typescript.
  • Shows exporting telemetry and logs to distributed monitoring endpoints with Opentelemetry and ElasticStack
  • Shows a full backend implementation for webhooks, including self-hosted identityServer and protected Graphql API.

FullStack request distributed tracing example

For who it is

  • You are a full-stack developer (an attempt is made to explain advanced topics).
  • You are a .Net developer and use modern technologies.
  • Or you are implementing a modern React and Relay frontend based on a .Net backend.
  • You want to understand the advanced concept of security patterns as BFF.
  • You want to know how to trace and monitor a distributed application.


This release contains 7+ main topics that you can read about in detail:

(Some topics are language specific, others relate to a specific platform).


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