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Docker Desktop Container crash with exit code 139 on Windows WSL Fix

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Issue : Docker Container exits on Docker desktop (Windows) with exit code 139.

This is a known problem when running Docker desktop with WSL based engine on windows.

The culprit is the base OS of your docker image.

The Fix is pretty simple.

To fix this, You have to Enable vsyscall=emulate in the kernel config to run older base images.

Step 1 : Create a file named .wslconfig in your user directory
Ex:- C://users/[your user name]/.wslconfig

Step 2 : Add following line to the .wslconfig file

kernelCommandLine = vsyscall=emulate
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Step 3 : Restart Your PC and the issue will be fixed ;)

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cheongroach profile image

Cool! My problem is solved!

kalastrof profile image

Thanks a lot, that solved issues with Kubernetes on kind

ncdejito profile image
Niccolo Dejito

Thanks so much! This fixed my problem of hanging deployments when I was working on Kind K8s emulator which uses docker inside.