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Which are the best Java IDEs

Which IDE do you use for java? Any recommendation for a good setup? Any cool extensions which help for java development for that IDE?

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I used to use Eclipse and switched to IntelliJ about years back. There is a bit of a learning curve with the switch, but it was well worth it. There is a paid version of Eclipse called MyEclipse I here is good.

Most of the other prority IDEs look and feel like Eclipse.

Does NetBeans still exist?

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Netbeans still exists. It was my first in college. Great IDE but it has not aged well.

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HAHA. You never forget your first!

It was my first too, but Oracle is where software goes to die except for gov't work

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IntelliJ Idea/VSCode would be a perfect choice

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Chintan Pandya

Well, if you want great refactoring capabilities(who doesn't) then hands down IntelliJ IDEA. Works great with Spring Boot projects though. But if you have legacy application which requires separate tomcat container then you should go with Eclipse as in IntelliJ(Free Edition) you will have to setup docker environment.

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Rob Mitchell

I've been using Eclipse (previously WebSphere) for about, ohhh, 20 years now.

IntelliJ is pretty awesome, too, as is Visual Studio. Totally depends on what you're comfortable doing, imo. I'm not preaching one over the other; they're all pretty good these days.

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Jayavignesh R

It totally depends on the Project you are working,
In Work, I stick to Eclipse as its a legacy application with a old framework.
In Personal Projects, I have Spring Tool Suite for Spring Boot application, as it has functionality that helps manage spring boot application well.
For other simple Java projects, I am using eclipse.
Yet to try IntelliJ.

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Nick Shattuck

IntelliJ is my personal favorite, but I got my start with Eclipse like many other developers. Eclipse is great for its simplicity, because if you don't have any experience with any IDE's, IntelliJ might be a bit overwhelming. Eclipse gets you coding quickly.
IntelliJ is a bit more advanced, though isn't so much of an upgrade that a beginner wouldn't be able to figure it out either, it just takes a bit of a learning curve. I still Google it's quirks when I encounter them. IntelliJ also has built in support for Kotlin, which is awesome because you can test mobile application development in IntelliJ. There are loads more features that make it a great switch.

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Zecel Manatad • Edited

I recommend sonar lint plugin on Eclipse

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Spring Tool Suite 4 (based on Eclipse)