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Do you use Multidimensional Arrays in Your Job?

dana94 profile image Dana Ottaviani ・1 min read

In the companies I've worked at, I have never needed to use multidimensional arrays. I've only worked with them in college when I was first learning about arrays and in storing data for puzzles in personal projects.

I'm curious, has anyone needed to use them in their job?

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quinncuatro profile image
Henry Quinn

I wish. Had to put together a Bash script last week that interfaces with a MariaDB database (basic queries for some extra logging info). Had to find a way to hack around the fact that multi dimensional arrays aren't the easiest thing to do in vanilla Bash. Would have been sweet to just toss all the returned data in one and have a loop in a loop to get it all back out - like back in the PHP 5 days.

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