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Top 6 Digital Design Agencies in Eastern Europe

Are you seeking a reliable digital design service provider? Here we provide the list of the six best design agencies from Eastern Europe that offer high-quality services and affordable prices.

The world goes digital. The massive digitization process started several years ago. However, it has been amplified and accelerated by the recent coronavirus pandemic that forced people to stay at home for a long time and boosted the digital economy. Under these circumstances, the online presence has become the ultimate requirement for business survival today. Design plays a particularly important role in the digital economy as it helps brands be different and express their uniqueness.

Startups and established brands are all actively searching for a reliable design partner to assist them in the digital journey. Some companies look to create designs for their online presence from scratch, others want to redesign the existing one. Anyway, they may need a creative helping hand to implement what they have in mind.

Finding the right digital design service provider might be challenging considering the current market variety. There are hundreds of talented design teams. But which one to choose? I have researched the digital design market in Eastern Europe and compiled this list of the best digital design agencies for 2021. I hope it will help you find your design partner!

Fireart Studio (Poland)

Fireart Studio is a boutique design and software development company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. The company was established in 2013 as a purely designing agency. However, it has grown into one of the biggest product development houses in Poland six years later. The company provides an all-encompassing suite of digital design and product development services, including UI/UX design for web and mobile, brand identity design, product research, implementation in code, motion design, graphic design, custom digital illustrations, animation and explainer video production.

Fireart provided services for Google, Rolls-Royce, Huawei, Pipedrive, Bolt, Swiss Fin Lab, Swisscom, MyTaxi and others. The company has a 5/5 ranking and dozens of positive customer reviews on Clutch that prove its proficiency and rich expertise. Previous clients shared massive feedback about Fireart as an excellent one-stop-shop for product design and development. Fireart Studio can help you build your brand's remarkable digital presence. Fireart continuously ranks among the best design teams on Dribbble and as the number one design agency in Eastern Europe, according to The Manifest and Clutch.

League Design Agency (Ukraine)

League is a product design agency with an office in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Since its foundation in 2017, the company has shipped over 76 digital projects and 15 brand identity styles for 43 clients from 16 countries. These projects have brought them 20 awards, both international and local. The League Design team say that they strive to create beautiful and useful things for many years.

The company provides a broad suite of services spanning marketing website design, mobile application design, SaaS design, and brand identity creation. Its key clients include Synergy, GEO Protocol, Pix, Inlist, Ignilife, Whiskas, Blaize Tech, Alterra Group, Friends English Club, iKydz, Sherpa Prep, Great Place to Work, and WP2P.

Habitat (Ukraine)

Habitat is a Ukrainian digital design and branding agency specializing in UX/UI design for web and mobile, graphic design, iconography, design for keynote presentations, one-pagers, investment decks, animation, social media content, email templates, front-end development, and product development.

The company has extensive expertise in designing SaaS interfaces with a strong emphasis on human-centered design. It was incorporated in 2016 in Kyiv and served the clients like FENDI, DOGIZ, CGTrader, Little Spoon, Aura Lab, Major Favor, MODERN - EXPO, ANDI, and Open Channel. Habitat provides services for a wide range of companies, from startups to medium-sized businesses and global enterprises.

Hotsnow (Estonia)

Hotsnow is a Tallinn-based digital design company specializing in web design. The agency actively collaborates with environmentally friendly businesses across the globe and helps them boost their digital presence through outstanding design for online and offline worlds. Serving clients with various needs and requirements, Hotsnow is especially passionate about creating a logo design and brand identities in a nature-inspired color palette. Its recent customers are Vitrulux, Aalto University, Reinvest24, and Hietakari.

Hotsnow has been recently rated as one of the leaders among the best digital design agencies in Eastern Europe on If you are looking for a design partner for your business, Hotsnow might be a great option to consider.

Mobee Dick (Poland)

Mobee Dick is another great Polish design agency and creative consultancy. It was founded in 2012 in Katowice. The company offers a comprehensive selection of services such as digital strategy creation, UX/UI design, product design and optimization. Their key area of focus is mobile solutions. Mobee Dick has become the leader in mobile design for a domestic market. It provided services for LOT (Polish airlines), WARTA, mBank, EmpikGO, RASP, Rainbow Tours, Banque Saudi Fransi, Empik, and ITAKA.

Also, Mobee Dick advises clients on leveraging digital marketing tools to build marketing strategies and product strategies, build creative teams, and implement efficient product processes in organizations.

Humbleteam (Czech Republic)

Humbleteam is a digital design consulting firm with a focus on startups. The company has offices in Praha (Czech Republic), Moscow (Russia), and New York (USA). Its projects were mentioned in famous media like Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and The Verge. Humbleteam created hundreds of designs for businesses from different verticals and lifecycles, including Fortune 500 companies and Y Combinator startups.

The company's suite of services includes product design, web design, and UI/UX design. It provided services for ING, Scentbird, Raiffeisen, Truebill, Nauto, Deloitte, Volkswagen, Broadcom, and Boston Consulting Group.


The digital design industry is crowded with hundreds of agencies and consultancies from around the world. How to choose the right one? In this article, we have provided an overview of six of the best digital design agencies in Eastern Europe, according to Clutch's ranking. We hope that this brief outlook will help you find the right digital design partner and make a better-informed decision.

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Gapsy studio should also be added to this list. It is a digital agency for design and development, branding and animation. You can see the works and find contact details here