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Setinterval React Canceling setInterval in React

dance2die profile image Sung M. Kim Originally published at on ・2 min read

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Sometimes you need to run a command in an interval using window.setInterval.
But if you don’t stop the interval when the component using the setInterval is not stopped, it will continuously run using unnecessary resources.

I will talk about how to handle setInterval in React

😅 Reproducing the Issue

Let’s create a very “contrived” example that prints “hello world” every second in console.

Follow along on CodeSandBox

When you navigate away from the component (to simulate unmounting), the interval still runs.

Even worse, when you navigate back to Greeting component, another interval process starts! 😱

Error Reproduced

🔧 How to Fix the Issue

You need to save the interval ID when you call the setInterval.

Reference: WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope.setInterval()

To cancel setInterval, you need to call clearInterval, which require the interval ID returned when you called setInterval.

The best place to do is right before the component unmounts (componentWillUnmount).

You can see below that the interval doesn’t run any more after canceled within componentWillUmount.

The interval canceled

Try it for yourself

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robertcoopercode profile image
Robert Cooper

Neat tip! Asynchronous code can't be tricky to deal with when unmounting a component. For example, if you call a promise in a component and then immediately unmount the component, the promise call execution will continue :S.

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim Author

Thanks Robert for the cancelable promise issue.
Wow, I just looked up how to cancel promises and there are so many results and tc39 proposal for cancelable promise has been withdrawn.

How would you cancel the promise call execution?

robertcoopercode profile image
Robert Cooper

That's a good question, lol. I would have to google it. I've run into the issue in the past, but can't remember how I went about resolving the problem :/

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dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim Author

If I run into the situation and have to deal with it, I will share.

Thanks for the heads up, Robert 👊

thejoezack profile image
Joe Zack

Great tip, slick solution!

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim Author • Edited

Thanks Joe.

componentWillUnmount is like Dispose (in C#), which is where you clean up stuff.

But left it out to keep it purely JavaScript

cgh4vok profile image

So basic and yet I had completely forgotten about this! Thank you so much!!

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim Author

You're welcome 😎 & thanks for the feedback there cg-h4voK 🙏

automobileslie profile image
Carlie Anglemire

Thank you! This was really helpful.

arjobansingh profile image
Arjoban Singh

Hey, i did the same way you did here, but still my app using Reactnative showing error about - cant perform react state update on unmounted component, memory leak error

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim Author

I am not familiar with RN and do you have a code snippet or runnable sample (Expo?)

The way it's handled is different w/ introduction of hooks too.