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re: By any chance anyone knows how to place those dots navigation for series. I saw it in some posts, but have no idea how to do it

I've been manually entering Markdown ToC's as shown below.

# Table of Contents
1. [Example](#example)
2. [Example2](#example2)
3. [Third Example](#third-example)

## Example
## Example2
## Third Example

But not sure what you mean by dots navigation.

@andy & @ben
Is there a way to add dots navigation that @stereobooster is referring to by chance?

I was reading help document & liquid tags, but not sure if there is a standard way to add ToCs in dev.to

Think we're talking about two separate things.

I believe the dots navigation is making the post part of a series. If you're using the v1 editor, you can add a post to a series by adding a series: series name line in the front matter:
v1 editor example

If you're using the v2 editor, you can click the additional settings button next to the "IMAGES" button, and add the series from there.
v2 editor example part 1
v2 editor example part 2

For Table of Contents, we don't have anything that fully supports it yet but we have a PR that will make it a bit easier at least.

Thank you!! This is exactly what I was talking about

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