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re: Ahh, I see what happened. When my post from my site got loaded into, it stripped javascript from my markdown, hence no highlighting. Fixed i...

Thank you for the resources, Nick.
(Yes! I do have an Egghead subscription~ 💖)

I need to build up my TypeScript fundamental foo first to before trying to learn TypeScript for React first 🙂 (had that problem with React as I was trynna learn with Redux thus couldn't learn either initially 😅).

If you ever want to pair on some TypeScript/TypeScript+React, let me know and we can book some time together. We're both Eastern time, so shouldn't be too difficult.

Thank you, Nick~ 🤜

Would Twitter be a good way to contact in later time?

Yeah, DM me and or ping me on connect and we can set something up.

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