Space-time tradeoff Emoji Note

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Anthony has shared wonderful tips on interviewing at Google.

Within the fourth tip, Brainstorm solutions and their time/space complexity, Anthony stressed on "space-time tradeoff principle", which I was vaguely familiar with.

While attempting to understand it, I drew a sketchnote.


As it's not sharable, I came up with emoji version.

Space-time Tradeoff Table

⏰🔽💽🔼 (faster + more space) vs ⏰🔼💽🔽 (slower + less space)
🙄📑 (Lookup table) 🔃💻 (Recalculation)
💾 x 1 (Uncompressed Data) 💾 x 0.5 (Compressed Data)
🏪🖼 (Stored Image) 🔃📜 (Re-render)
➿➡➰ (Loop Unrolling) 👨‍💻 x 0.5 (Smaller code)

Gist of each tradeoff

  1. 🙄📑(Lookup table) vs. 🔃💻 (Recalculation)
    Saving computed data in memory saves time but increases the space usage.

  2. 💾 x 1 (Uncompressed Data) vs. 💾 x 0.5 (Compressed Data)
    Faster to access uncompressed data as no decompression step is needed but requires more space.

  3. 🏪🖼 (Stored Image) vs. 🔃📜 (Re-render)
    Storing image in cache is faster than re-rendering but requires more space (in disk/memory).

  4. ➿➡➰ (Loop Unrolling) vs. 👨‍💻 x 0.5 (Smaller code)
    Loop unrolling can optimize execution speed at the cost of increased binary size.

It might be a bit too much of emojis but helped me to understand a bit better what tradeoffs are available.

Feel free to share your version of table or sketchnote 🙂


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jeikabu profile image

This is great. Makes me want an entire CS textbook in emoji. Would make a great coffee table book.

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Sung M. Kim Author

Thanks @jeikabu .
You are getting somewhere with that coffee table book idea 🙂

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Joe Zack

You are truly the emoji master! ?love those sketch notes too)

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Sung M. Kim Author

Just {...💖} of Emojis 😉