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Virtual backgrounds for remote Software Developers

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As a lot of developers are going to be forced to work remotely these days, they are going to need an appropriate background for all those enjoyable remote meetings.

You can find the full background images without my ugly face at the bottom of this post.

Client requirement gathering

Use this one with your most important clients:


A classic for any remote worker. In case you do not understand it, watch the full video.

Original idea by Anthony Chu.

All-hands meeting

When the whole company must be present for those long long meetings:


Make sure that one of you teammates brings the elves along:


Virtual coffee

You no longer have spontaneous water cooler conversations, but that means that you can come prepared and make your team jealous:


Architecture meeting

Here you have two good options.

First one if you are THE Architect of your team:


The second option is if you want to bring some subliminal message to the architecture discussion:


Remote pair programming time

Time to do some actual work now, trying to get in flow so that you feel like Neo when we realizes he is the chosen one:


Talking with QA

And squashing some bugs:


Deploying to production

Useful also for any outage:


Credits KC Green for his awesome comics.

Fixing production

For those very special occasions when you just want to say "I told you so" to all your teammates:


You can also use it when giving some lecture or developer learning session.

Brown bag sessions

When it is one of your teammates giving a lecture:


Friday afternoon

Escaping from the Evil Empire (aka your boss).



Backgrounds work for me in Zoom with a 16:9 camera.

Image Clean background Image Clean background
here here
here here
here here
here here
here here
here here

Share some if you have!

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I loved that.
Thinking to put the "Brown Bag Session Background" to a test 😉