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DPDK – EAL Input/output error

Last week I’m trying to reproduce a bug happened in our customer environment, so we create a minimal example for this:\_go\_test

During this, I found an annoying problem and want to record it.

I got an error: EAL: Error enabling interrupts for fd 10 (Input/output error)

After some research, I found a patch for this(it didn’t be merged into DPDK since it’s a VMWare problem).

If you try to bind NIC that using e1000 you might have the same issue.

To solve this disables the checking by:

sed -i "s/pci_intx_mask_supported(dev)/pci_intx_mask_supported(dev)||1/g" \

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This would make pci_intx_mask_supported check do not work anymore.

then recompile, after compiling done, reload the kernel module:

rmmod igb_uio
insmod $(DPDK_PROJECT)/build/kmod/igb_uio

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p.s. DPDK_PROJECT is the project root directory of DPDK, related to your environment.

Then this problem should be fixed.

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