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DPDK usertools: devbind

After compiling DPDK, load module and start our process. A common problem is we have no idea where is the NIC going :).

And DPDK actually provides some tools for these operations, one of them is It located at $(DPDK_PROJECT)/usertools/

We can use it to get current status:

$ --status
# shorthand
$ -s

Bind driver:

$ --bind e1000e 00:06.0
# shorthand
$ -b e1000e 00:06.0
# we also can use NIC name, but remember that a NIC could have no name
# only PCI would always existed.
$ -b igb_uio eth1

Unbind driver:

$ --unbind 00:06.0
# shorthand
$ -u 00:06.0
# equal to
$ --bind none 00:06.0

p.s. Remember that these operations requiring permission(sudo or what).

Just that, have fun!

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