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Dan Teixeira
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Why do I like JavaScript?

I have worked with Python, Java, but the language that I most love and admire is JavaScript, much to the freedom (sometimes used too much) that it gives to us developers, and to its high productivity rate.
In the following, I explain a bit more about what do I like in JavaScript.

Prototypal Inheritance

For those who are not familiar with these terms, in Javascript objects inherit directly from other objects, unlike traditional OO languages, where objects inherit from other classes.
This paradigm makes the code more flexible, you will not have to create a new class to create a specific method to do something very specific, you can just add to the prototype of the object. One thing that makes this very easy to understand is when you take the toString() functions as an example, every object in Javascript has the toString() function, because it is already implemented in its prototype.


Due to its high usage, the Javascript community is getting bigger and bigger. If you are like me and are used to google errors like “funName is not a function”, you’ll know that many people can help you on StackOverflow, or somebody has already developed a beautiful library that does exactly what you need (and has made available on npm or on Github).


Popularly, JavaScript is known for its ability to run in the client-side, but in 2009 the Node.js project was released, which allows developers to write command-line tools and server-side scripting using JavaScript.
Since its release, Node.js has been an alternative to server-side development with its event-driven architecture and with awesome frameworks like Express.js that helps developers create RESTful APIs.


Despite the framework war that many developers have created, I found fantastic the number of frameworks and libraries created in JavaScript, they all have its pros and cons, and one will be more suitable to your solution than others.

I have been lucky to work with the three most popular frameworks (library in the case of React) in the market, Angular, React, Vue, and I have learned much working with them, and if we analyze a framework such as Vue, we can see that the frameworks are envolving and helping our lives.

Finally, the popularity of JavaScript with frameworks and libraries, I’d say JavaScript will get bigger and bigger, and I strongly recommend if you are a developer and don’t work with JS, I’d say give it a try, because this language is here to stay, at least for now.

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You'll like js until you see what Microsoft did to it