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I’ve recently moved jobs and this switch has brought a few changes. The biggest one being I’m now developing for mobile apps. I initially thought this would be a hard task and sure, some languages can make it difficult to learn. As a developer with some Vue.js experience however it’s far easier than I imagined to switch fields.

If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself in the NativeScript playground, which provides a code editor and an excellent set of tutorials to get you started so you can see for yourself how similar coding for apps is.

NativeScript Playground

You don’t need any framework experience, though if you’ve used Angular or Vue before you might be more comfortable with those tutorials.

Switching fields is often a scary concept. In most cases this requires learning new languages specific to that field, but this is no longer the case for App development. Long gone are the days where Swift & Java ruled the mobile (though they are still valid ways of making apps if you want). The space has grown and is open to a wider variety of developers.

If you have the opportunity to switch fields from App to Web or Web to App then try it out. You might surprise yourself.

Play and Try NativeScript on Your Device – {N} Playground

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