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Back to coding. But....

dantefrank profile image David Dante Frank ・1 min read

It's been a while since I have written anything about code. Honestly, my mind has been making it look like a very tedious thing to do and to be frank, I dropped coding for a while, didn't look like I was making any progress. But my head is back in, still on PHP though and now working with the Laravel framework.

Honestly, I really feel like giving up cause I don't see progress, still on building a simple Todo app for about 3 weeks and counting. And oh did I mention that my frontend skills are whack, I haven't done anything frontend in a long while.

But right now I'm currently having issues with the "DELETE" method in Laravel. For some reason, method spoofing seems not to be working. Done all I think I know how to do but no results.

Also reading documentations are important but I find that boring. But I guess I just have to go beyond that. I'm sorry if you came here hoping to learn something, I don't think I have learnt enough to do that. Not to be self-deprecating, but what could you possibly learn from me?

Okay I think that's it. I haven't written in a while so I thought I would pick that back up and just felt like ranting. Byyee!


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Welcome back!

Don't want to be negative nancy but your comment on finding documentation boring is a pretty big red flag. Whether you have programmed for 1 month or 10 years you will still be reading documentation, whether it's for a framework, a library, an API. It's everywhere. So you should probably get used to it. Is it boring because you don't understand? Is it boring because you don't like reading?

Chances are if you don't understand it you might want to evaluate if Laravel is for you. Might be better starting with the basics of PHP. Jumping into a framework without knowing the base language will always be painful and will hold you back. I learnt PHP and I didn't jump on Laravel for years.

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Erhan Kılıç

It seems that you live burnout.