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Starting the development of my dream app!

Hey guys! I am currently a college student and inspiring entrepreneur. I am extremely hard working and every single day I aim to get better. I love reading self-help/biographies/psychology, and strive to read at least one a week. I am almost done completing a pomodoro app but with a twist, your rewarded every time a session is over. Got the idea from reading atomic habits, "if a habit is not rewarded it will not be repeated" You're given an avatar you level up, so in essence as you work hard and grow in real life so does your avatar.

I learned pixel art and started teaching myself IOS dev 6 months ago, and now I almost done with the app! I would really appreciate it, if you could check it out at and sign up! If you have any suggestions or just want to talk please feel free to reach out!

I also have been documenting my process on medium:

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