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5 good reasons to use Nuxt.js

Nuxt.js is a free and open source JavaScript framework based on Vue and Node JS.

It allows a simplification, an optimization and also an acceleration of the development of applications. Nuxt simplifies the development of universal or single page Vue apps.

I love it for his flexibility and ultra modular architecture.

If you are not yet convinced by this technology, here are 5 good reasons to use Nuxt.js for your next project :

1. Create universal apps easily 🌍

Building universal applications can be tedious because you have to do a lot of configuration server side and client side.

The framework came with the advantage of developing high performance universal applications with the particularity of being able to execute its code on both the server side and client side.

Nuxt is self-configured and ready to use. With editable default configurations, they allow you to start a project with a base without having to worry about additional settings to be made.

With all of these benefits, creating a universal app with Nuxt just got so easy.

2. Quickness

The advantage of rendering on the server side and on the client side makes it possible to have a powerful and very responsive application. Nuxt also allows us to have a wide range of modules available created by the community that allow us to have high performance applications in speed.

But like everything, you should not overdo it in the risk of impacting the performance of your applications.

3. File System Routing 🚧

The System File Routing with Nuxt is just magic.
When you create a .vue file in your pages directory, you have basic routing that works without additional configuration, it automatically generates the vue-router configuration.
With <NuxtLink> the navigation is easy to do, it works like the <a> tag in HTML.

With Nuxt managing the rooting system is your last worry.

4. SEO-friendly 💯

When a SPA is loaded on the browser, the server sends only basic HTML without any rendered content.

This practice causes that when the search engine bots crawl your page, they only get that bare HTML code with no content whatsoever. There is no data that bots can use to index your page.

But on the other hand Nuxt is perfect for a project wanting to have excellent SEO.
With Nuxt, you can control many factors that impact SEO and page ranking.

Unlike other SPAs, Nuxt fills in the gaps and makes the process of creating an SEO friendly app easy and enjoyable.

5. Great community support 👥

One important thing when choosing a technology is the community support behind it, because you always need a community to grow together.

With Nuxt you won't be lost.

The documentation on the official site is one of the best I have encountered, everything is clear. In addition to that there is a wide variety of modules available which will facilitate the development of your application & the community is almost everywhere but especially on Discord ready to step in and help you solve problems.


You will probably have noticed my website was made with Nuxt and it is thanks to all these advantages that I have Nuxt one of my favorite tools to develop powerful applications.

But despite all these good reasons, Nuxt also has some cons that will cause some to favor other technos.

Happy coding 🙌

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