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Arnold Ndiwalana
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My First Sprint and Code Review

Hello, my name is Arnold Ndiwalana an aspiring software engineer and an undergraduate second-year student studying Information systems and Technology at Makerere University in Uganda. I have been a member of DEV Community for a year but this is my first post on DEV and my first attempt at writing an article.
I recently joined the Practicum Bootcamp and enrolled in the Web Development course in order to gain a hands-on learning experience on how it is done in a real work scenario.
Our first sprint was two weeks long and we covered flexbox, BEM methodology, and Git and we implemented the principles into practice.

Lessons learned

  1. BEM methodology helps to make the naming of classes easier and breakdown the building of websites into components that can be reused in both the site and other projects.
  2. Writing clean and maintainable code that others can use.
  3. Use of semantic HTML to improve accessibility for users and improve optimization for search engines.
  4. Making mistakes is okay as long as you learn from them.
  5. Application of best practices that are used in the industry.

Anyway, I hope to keep writing about my progress and hope you enjoy the article.

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