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Robin Kretzschmar
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What questions do you ask a new client?

Every client and every project is different. There is no checklist that fits every client and every project - at least not that I'm aware of!

But there are some basics that are necessary to get started with a new client.

What do you ask them at first contact? How do you store this?

I'm curious!

I use Google Forms and here is what I ask new clients before making an offer for a project:

  • Web/App/Other project or combination?
  • If applicable: are domains already registered?
  • If applicable: Name of registrar
  • If applicable: Name of domain(s)
  • If applicable: Do you have an existing host?
  • If applicable: Should I take care of hosting? (charging included)
  • Base data of company and client (Name, address, VAT-Id, and whatnot is required)
  • Can I display this project in my portfolio?
  • Upload of resources (Logo, other stuff)

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Robin Kretzschmar

Hey readers, this was ment as a discussion, so please go ahead and comment what you normally ask new clients :)