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Make REST API Using ReactPHP and FlySystem Library and Deploy to Gitlab [Experimental - Phase 1]

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Lately, I have worked on a number of website applications that have touched on the issue of data distribution. Some of my clients ask to make regular backups on a separate server and some ask my team to save it for data backup.

One of my team is worried that if the data is stored only on certain servers, the risk of data loss may occur even though the server provider provides backup services every day, but that too must go through some of their business procedures, whereas we need it faster.

So I am thinking of creating a REST API that utilizes File I / O to distribute data to the Private Repository on Gitlab, in that repository I certainly can invite several teams to manage and monitor the changes.

[sounds stupid]

Ok, I need the Flysystem Library to do CRUD transactions with the Gitlab API.

In this case study I used ReactPHP to create an application that distributes data to the Gitlab Private Repository. Why ReactPHP? Because I want to distribute data in realtime to several servers and this application can receive and respond to the events it receives.

I will name every file that is created in the Repository Folder in accordance with the unique identity of the existing data, so that we can easily identify it again when it will make changes to the data.

What do you think, friend?

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