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Best Coding Platforms to learn and practice Code!

A great way to improve your skills when learning to code is by solving coding challenges,but there are many platforms and thus it becomes hard to choose where to invest time and but worry not here I am to help you with choosing the platform which is right for you. When I started out I was really confused but as time flew sad noises, as you know coding takes a huge chuck of time in your day and I discovered many great platforms. I'll list my top favourite ones down below :-

1. HackerRank

hackerrank logo
It is a great platform where you can choose the language you want to improve upon. The Difficulty curve is greatly maintained. Also as you progress you get badges in the form of stars from 1 star covered in bronze to shining gold when you reach 5 star, which really motivates to grow and get better.

2. CodeChef

CodeChef logo
Well once you complete your basics you can work your way upto Competetive Programming(CP) and here at codechef you get Long challenges which is really unique compared to other CP websites which is really beneficial to a beginner who can get to know about the question while practicing and learning.

3. CodeForces

CodeForces logo
You can further improve upon CP on codeforces as the questions here are really tough and you need to apply the various DS and Algorithms to solve these questions.You can go from a Noobie to a full fledged grandmaster with many good prizes if you manage to be in the top 10.


I've also started to use LeetCode. It has really great questions even though I haven't made much progress in it. None the less all the best to the future Coders out there, I hope these platforms help you unlock your potential and reach great heights.

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