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Sanjay Pandey
Sanjay Pandey

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How to generate leads when nobody knows about you?

This is the most common question asked by budding entrepreneurs and a harsh reality that leads to the shutting down of businesses within their first five years.

I will start with the problem that is “trust”. If nobody knows your brand, they won’t reach you-” as simple as that”.

The most difficult part about being an entrepreneur is convincing your first customers to buy your product or services.

So, what is the solution?

My answer is based on the “inbound” approach (will discuss the outbound approach in my upcoming article) and the solution is to create your presence or brand awareness. You must have heard of the term “digital marketing” and its most common practice, i.e.,

  • Search Engine Optimization — a long process that takes months to generate organic traffic, but once done, there are high chances of getting continuous leads.

  • Social Media Marketing — is also a time taking process. The important thing here is to choose the right social media platform and post strategically to create your brand presence.

  • Paid Advertising — the quickest way to promote your brand is by running paid campaigns, but once the campaign is over, you won’t get any leads.

Now, where to start?

The answer is “All of the above”. The mix of these strategies will give your brand the initial required “push”.


So to conclude, you will only be able to generate leads when people start noticing you, and after that, conversion depends on how good your sales guy/team is.

My suggestion would be to start with -

  1. Competitive analysis

  2. Listing your brand on all relevant platforms (It’s a very important step).

  3. Making a social media plan with monthly goals.

  4. And working parallelly on the SEO of your website and blogs.

Things will take time, and that is normal. You have to invest at least 6 months of your time to see some satisfactory results (I know because I have done it!). Just don’t run after “overnight success” and things will turn up for you.

Everything I’ve written is based on my own story ( “ None of the facts in the article is made up ” — “ इस लेख का कोई भी तथ्य काल्पनिक नहीं है ”) so if you have any other questions, you can reach out to me directly and I will try to respond.

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Solution given in the content is valuable. yes, i agree there are many digital channels but some are effective in generating the leads.
One more every brand use is (Email) either sales or marketing that doesn't matter but cold email is effective with the subject line and open line. Apart from this, it can be even more personalized by video outreach.

There are some smart ways to generate leads than your competitors, which is effective as well by keyword research (for SEO/SEM), Listen to audience intent..