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[2 days appwrite] Transfer text/Files between devices

Overview of My Submission

The app lets people share text/image/file between devices.

This grows from my need as I worked in a quite restricted environment (VPN, blocked sites, apps).

Every time I need to share some text between PC and mobile, I need to use Skype, which is very buggy.

So this app let me paste text on any device and get it on others.

It also works with files.

Here is the app URL:

Here is how the app work:

  • For example, you want to share a piece of text from your PC to your mobile, you paste that text in the Bury It section:

paste text to bury

Then, you click on the button "Bury it". After a few seconds, you will get the code to use it on other devices:

bury text and get the code

On a difference device, you use that code and put into the Dig it section.
Enter code to dig

Hit the button and you'll see the text appear:

text transferred

The same flow for transferring files.

Submission Category:

Web2 Wizards

Link to Code

There are two parts of the app. One web app (Angular) and api (written in Spring boot).

Additional Resources / Info

This app is not possible without these projects:

Discussion (2)

james_palermo_bc208e463e4 profile image
James Palermo

It would be cool to have the code swap done with QR codes. Or would that cause a security issue of some kind in your use case?

datmt profile image
Mạnh Đạt Author

It is planned 😁. May I drop a message when it is available?