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What am I expecting to get from blogging every day?

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As you might have already figured out if you’ve seen my posts in the last 4 consecutive days, I started blogging. My goal is to post every single day. With this in mind you might think, why? And I would tell you I don’t really know for sure. I have the idea that this is going to bring me good things in the future but I’m unsure on what they will be, if they do. The aspects I’ve considered for this decision are the following:


I’m the worst at organizing, I lose track of things pretty regularly, forget homeworks, start doing totally unrelated things when I should be doing other things and so on. For this posts I have to give myself at least 2-3 hours to write it, not counting the time doing the projects which can vary depending on the complexity.

And I’m not complaining, I like this, just that I have to plan my schedule MUCH better than before. I hope that this will stick to my work ethics and other projects I might do in the future.

Practicing Coding

I’m not into the labour force, I have no need of having a job at the moment, so every line of code I write I do it for entertainment purposes only. Sometimes this can lead to me prioritizing other things, such as playing videogames, instead of programming. I mean everyone needs a rest, but I end up not coding for like 2 weeks. So yes, basically, I need this to be consistent with my programming skills.


As I said before I don’t work in tech nor any other industry. I’ve tried making money with programming before but the conditions weren’t the best and I really have no idea of how to get clients. Maybe if I keep blogging someone will eventually contact me and offer me something? I don’t know. I hope so.

Giving back to the community
I really love the programming community, it’s always so charming even when I started. I’ve never had a formal way of really engaging with the community other than just answering questions at StackOverflow or on Discord servers. And now I have a platform to give back to the community :)

Thanks for reading! You might also want to check out my other posts if you are interested :))

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