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I'm dAVE Inden, and I support women devs.

I will advocate for gender equality by...

  • Calling out terrible behavior when I see it, online or in person.
  • I will also call out when someone does something that isn't overtly or blatantly sexist, but still perpetuates the problems of gender inequality.
  • I am following more women, especially women of color online to hear their perspective on technology and use my privilege to spread their words to those that listen to me.
  • Working within my own tech community in Seattle to meet more women developers and help them get a job at my company if they are interested.
  • Ask women how I can better serve them and gender equality.

I hope to see my work & developer community...

Listen more and give more of a platform to women developers, especially women of color, so that their thoughts and opinions are heard along with everyone else.
I want to see my tech community have more women involved in conferences and meetups and not just when it comes to discussing diversity and inclusion and what it is like to be a woman in tech, but about their opinions on technology and development work itself and anything else they want to talk about.

My advice for fellow allies is...

  • Listen to what women are saying about their experience of being a developer.
  • Believe women and what they are saying about being a member of a male dominated industry.
  • Speak up in situations where you see women getting treated differently than their male counterparts.
  • Do what you can to mentor women and help them succeed in tech so that they get paid more.
  • Ask women if you are being a good ally and how you can improve as one.
  • When you speak up about something on a woman's behalf make sure it is about them and you don't become the subject of the discussion.

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Helen Anderson

Brilliant post, thank you for sharing