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"...programming is relatively immature, of about 3 decades old." A grammical correction here if you would. 'Programming' as the act of instructing a machine to execute a series of steps dates back to the 1940's ( where as 'Web programming/development (JS/PHP/Ruby/C#/et al.' is indeed about 3 decades old. As Tim BL released the HTTP 1.x in 1991 (

Enlightening bit of information: The first 'computers' where female, the first 'programmers' where female, the first 'bug' was logged by a female, and the 'calculators' that landed man on the moon and back...female.


Ooo, didn't realize the web development one. And that HTTP was in 1991 (I can now claim to be as old as the internet, haha).

Was not sure what to use as the benchmark, and was originally using the SCAMP / IBM 5100 as the baseline of 1975. (how that became 3 decades is my dumb math error)

But I like your Ada Lovelace reference better. Amended it, and thrown in additional references for contrast


"...e as old as the internet, haha)." As old as the "world wide web". The 'internet', in terms of computers connected via wires, is from the mid 60's with the build out of the ARPA network.

The "web" is that you see in a browser. It is a very very very small sub-section of the "internet".

Glad I could assist in enriching your article. Keep up the effort!

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