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Creating a Discord bot with discord.js, Typescript and Heroku

Hi! So, some months ago, I was interested in creating a bot for Discord. I searched for tutorials and they were not too good. Worst of all, they taught you how to deploy it to As a senior software dev, I was like: what? is the last thing I would think about to deploy anything.

I started coding the bot and the documentation again was not good. They even have wrong information on their docs so I had to ask people on the official discord.js server to clear some doubts. Sometimes people are nice, sometimes they aren't. They have concepts like cached guilds and uncached guilds that took me some time to grasp because they do weird things in Typescript.

Anyway... I gathered all of that knowledge and decided to make a course in Udemy and Skillshare. Here you will learn a lot of things:

  • Typescript
  • Reply to messages
  • Create slash commands
  • Create buttons and links
  • Create message collectors
  • Create embeds
  • Create reactions collectors
  • Create sub commands
  • Get information about a user and its roles
  • Add options to commands
  • Add simple tests
  • Deploy to Heroku and connect it to GitHub for CD
  • Permissions
  • Best practices

Among other things...

This is the link with the coupon code:

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