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Discussion on: I added a JavaScript arcade game to my portfolio's homepage

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David Dal Busco • Edited

Thank you for the share Chris, I love to read such blog post in which devs share their experience and stories 👍.

Your homepage and, game are slick! I remember playing it as a child too, a friend of my parents gave us their old Vic 20. Nothing like loading a game from a ... tape 😅.

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Chris Greening Author

Jealous!!! My dad had a friend back in the day that was the coolest kid on the block because he had a VIC before everyone else lol

I've been kicking around getting a C64 at some point in the near future, there's a niche community that's still developing software on these old machines and I want to be a part of it lmao

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David Dal Busco

Haha I still got the Vic 20 somewhere in the attic at my parent's place 😜.

Developing game or else on C64 sounds like the coolest plan ever! Looking forward to your next blog posts 😉.