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DevOps Engineering, what is it? Pt 2

Core values of DevOps

The core values of DevOps is summarised as the CAMS Model pioneered by John Willis and Damon Edwards.
The core values of DevOps practice are:

  1. Culture: This is the very essence of devops. Culture is a way of life. Practicing devops is about bringing understanding between the development team and operations, thus, focusing on people over process over tools. A DevOps culture is an embodiment of communication and collaboration, eliminating silos between teams. This fosters understanding and bonding between team members.
  2. Automation: Devops was adopted to meet up with continuous business changes and customer feedback. Automating devops processes through continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline, and infrastructure as code accelerates the benefits of doing Devops. Automating devops reduces manual errors and saves time on repeatable tasks, reduce failures, and increase efficiency in delivering quality applications to users rapidly.
  3. Measurement: In order to understand the effectiveness of a devops adoption and transformation in your team, you need metrics. Measuring key metrics like Mean Time To Recover(MTTR), Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF), Mean Time To Failure(MTTF), Lead Time, Deployment frequency. These metrics serve as indicators of overall business performance. It is advised that result should be actionable if you want to increase value to customers.
  4. Sharing: “...without sharing, there is no Devops” - Patrick Debois. People will always make a mistake and the first approach is always to point fingers or blame someone. It is in nobody’s place to blame a team member for errors. But it is a shared responsibility to fix such a potential error prioritizing the overall business value. In DevOps everything is shared, team members are encouraged to ask questions and share opinions to reduce friction and encourage understanding.

The CAMS model provides successful adoption of devops and continuous improvement in the devops lifecycle.

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