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Which Rust crate to use as GUI framework right now (Jan 2021)?

davidedelpapa profile image Davide Del Papa ・1 min read

[Photo by Harpal Singh on Unsplash, modified]

I am writing a post on the subject of Rust GUI, and sadly I am realizing that no much progress has been done in this area lately.

The site AreWeGUIYet seems almost abandoned to its own fate...

Thus I am polling you guys to know which Rust crate would you recommend to use in 2021 in order to give a Rust program a nice GUI?

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad

I've had this problem myself with Rust several times. It all stems from the issue that you need to create safe Rust bindings for each library you want to use or else there's no point in using Rust.

This is why I've been recently exploring the Zig programming language. You can simply include header files in it and use them directly. It's not 1.0 yet but it looks extremely promising and is stable enough for side projects. Some people have already created OS kernels and other graphics/GUI stuff with it.

I suggest you give it a shot.

davidedelpapa profile image
Davide Del Papa Author

Thank you Syed. I will try Zig (I try a lot of different languages). But the point for me is to try and make GUI work in Rust... Maybe the answer is that there's no answer, and then we know there is something very important missing in Rust, who knows?