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Hello, programming world!

My first programming class used punched cards! That was about 1980. First program written from a university campus used a 300-baud teletype where paper was the only display. First embedded project was writing the X.25 protocol in Assembly from a specification using an Intel 8086 CPU. Favorite programming book is still Borland's Turbo Pascal because of its organization. I have many years experience as a communication programmer. Once had identical OSI protocol sourcecode running on DEC Vax 11/780, Pyramid (Unix), IBM mainframe, Sperry/Univac mainframe, AT&T 3B2, IBM AS400. My fingerprints are all over the police and traffic radar and LIDAR world.

Favorite project is the distraction I'm working on right now when I should be doing real work: Using a Particle Electron to publish diesel engine data via MQTT over cell network. I love that the Electron has a long, long list of available libraries that pretty much seem ready to go for the ones I've messed with. It is also easy to setup processes with its multi-threading capabilities.


Welcome, David. That's a whole lot of experience! Sounds like you're still working on software for hardware, if that makes sense. That's something I've always been interested in, but I think my current expertise (web development) is a far cry from your sort of programming.

Any thoughts/advice on how to learn more about "software for hardware?"


The Particle boards are nice to start with, plus have real C programming available. Microchip has some good get-to-know-us evaluation boards. Do you have any local groups that you can join?

I live in northern Wyoming, therefore unlikely to be local to wherever you are.

Yep, I'm in New York City, where I'm sure all sorts of groups exist.

Just did a quick look at the Particle boards; they look great. They seem similar to Raspberry Pi and Arduino, but there's probably some differences I don't know about.

Thanks for the advice!

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