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Hello Everyone, I'm new to the community, but I am glad I'm here. Let me introduce myself, my name is David, I went to college pursuing an engineering degree, I was doing pretty well, while working part-time, but I realized there were many uncertainties in that option. Not only was I in an area where I can't grow in my interests, I was more put on this direction by other people, so I wasn't sure if I was in the right place. As I was searching for a path that would involve my interests and something I can see potential and a future in, my uncle introduced me to coding and I fell in Love.
My journey started off with a simple code I read upon on, and watched some videos on it. I was quite intrigued by it, I was able to try it out and run some simple code on my own, collaborating with the language as a whole and producing a result.
It caught my attention, because this was my first time seeing the structure of how things work behind the visual of a software. Back then I still lacked understanding, and didn't understand much of the code... but still decided to play around, and searched a place where I can receive a better understanding and grow.
And now I'm here, this is my second month in a full stack immersive software curriculum. So far I have been jamming my head in the wall, getting through Ruby, SQL, Active Record, Sinatra, Rack, and now I'm running my journey in Rails.
Even though it has been a hard journey, I am glad that I'm on this journey, the funny thing is every-time I learned a language, I found another gem or language that practically replaced all my hard work, but I realize even though there is magic out there, it's good to know the foundational case you catch a bug. Anyway I am glad to meet you all, and pray that I finish my journey!!!!!

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