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Makers - Week 7

This week followed the traditional makers methodology and involved the same same but different for this week. Instead of using the wonderful world of JQuery, it now is traditional, bog standard javascript only. Raw, vanilla, no added sugar Javascript.

The theme of this week was to make a front end, single page app using only Javascript. A couple of weeks ago this would have seemed preposterous, but now it just about seemed plausible. To spice things up further, we had to create and use our own testing library, instead of using trusty old Jasmine.

Again the cycle started, fear, followed by questioning my existence, followed almost immediately by that 'penny-drop' moment. It really, really was not so bad at all. After getting over the initial prospect of writing my own testing library, i quickly dived in, and realised the comparisons of the other testing libraries we had used so far, and although they were packaged up in different styles/syntax, they had the same principal.

It was at this point that i had a pretty serious revelation once again. There is indeed method to the Makers madness! It sets you up, and then beats you down...all so the next beat down is not so bad. The rest of the week was spent building an app that takes and stores notes, but the entire page is on a single URL with no redirects. Again something i had explored in the MakersBnB challenge, so the week went by well with little drama, learning more and more about the asynchronous life of javascript.

Next week is the dry run of the final project, it will involve a 2 week group project building a Facebook clone. This roller-coaster adventure never seems to stop!

As always wish me luck,


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