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Dávid Szabó
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Github Guesser - A Starry Game - Release #2

Hey devs!

I am happy to announce that I've released the second version of my new pet project.

AND THE SOURCE CODE IS AVAILABLE, feel free to criticism my crap code and make this project better together!!!!! Love you guys, I am coming back with some stats soon!!!

It's a really simple game: You need to guess which GitHub repository has more stars, based on the given information! Just click / touch the one you think is more popular and in a moment you will know whether you won or lost!

You can find the game here: Github Guesser
(plain link if you prefer that:

You can find the source code here:

I am planning a few features to be released in the next few weeks:

  • Login using Github so you can track your stats
  • Backend: Uploading stats
  • Backend: Pull repositories
  • Frontend: Show how many people won or lost the combination you just finished

GOT ANY IDEAS? Share it!!!!

PS Have you met Static yet?
PPS You can find my blog at

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