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A weekend hack that gained 1,300+ users

Recently I got started to collaborate with a few friends of mine on a weekend project creating a decentralized application with Blockstack. In just over 5 days, we launched a scrappy version of our chat app called Mumble (Rebranding to Bondfire).

Alt Text

Mumble is an encrypted text and voice chat for passionate online communities. We see a need for a “built for all” type of chat app for all type of community. Unlike how community are building their community in slack (that is focused on workplace) and discord (focus for game communication), Mumble is highly focused on pushing features that encourages community engagement.

Most people still uses slack and discord that does not have end to end encryption built on to manage their community. Putting their user's information at risk.

We currently have more than 1,200+ users in less than 6 weeks during beta and plans to expand more. We are also working on a rebrand soon. Feel free to try it out yourself at

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Allan N Jeremy

First of all congrats! If that's the actual screenshot then it is indeed a beautiful piece of software. Will definitely check it out

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work😄