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Google Cloud: Artifact Registry

Welcome to my first post, I hope this helps you for your future projects.

Recently in my company we have started to migrate everything to Google Cloud Platform. In this process, we have found a new service that we did not know about it. This service is Artifact Registry.

After searching for information about the service, it seems that it is an upgrade from an old service, that it's called Container Registry which is basically a Docker image repository.

The new thing is that it adds support for language packaging for Java, Node.js and Python, even OS packages like Debian.

That was interesting, in my company we work with Java and Spring and this can be useful for storage artifacts and have our own artifacts repository for Maven and Gradle.

I suppose there will be many people who already know it, but I have wanted to do a post writing about it because if someone does not know it yet, can be useful.

A greeting!

Link to Artifact Registry

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