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Your CPAN Dashboard

It's only a few days since I last wrote about my CPAN dashboard project, but things have already moved on quite a lot. In the last blog post, I mentioned that I was considering setting up a service making it easy for any CPAN author to have a dashboard like mine. Well, I've now done that.

The site is at And adding your own dashboard is as simple as sending me a pull request including a JSON file that contains the configuration details for your dashboard.

(Ok, it's not really quite that simple - you also need to set up the CI services that you want to use. But let's assume that you want to report on services that you already use :-))

I already have two users - BDFOY and SZABGAB . Hopefully, a few more will follow over the next few days.

And the best users are the ones who suggest improvements to the service (and the even better users are the ones who send patches adding the improvements that they want). From ideas and patches from my users, the site now has a few improvements:

  • We display the date of the last release to CPAN
  • You can sort the list by either the name of the distribution or the date of the last release
  • There's a search box that filters the table
  • The site no longer shows broken images if you're not using a particular CI service for some of your modules
  • You can track multiple Github Actions for each of your modules (this doesn't look quite right yet, but we're working on it)

Oh, and breaking news as I was writing this blog post:

And I still have more plans. Top of the list is to support more CI systems - CircleCI and Appveyer are definitely on the list, but feel free to tell me about any other systems that might be useful.

Another user has appeared while I've been writing this - SLU. Why not add your modules as well?

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