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Dash Platform Sprint 86 Review – Summary

Check out our latest Sprint Review you can check out here. Here's what we have discussed.



Goals: Research same block execution

  • Finish working on the integration of go-bindings for BLS v1 done
  • Pre-release ABCI++ including improvements for vote-extensions done
  • Update vote-extension part in ABCI++ spec in progressResearch: same-block execution in progress
  • ABCI++ integration with Drive in progress
  • Refactoring MakeBlock function signature to be compatible with upstream in progress

What's next?

  • ABCI++ integration with Drive
  • Validator key verification
  • Research: same-block execution


Goals: Batch fixes and worst case costs improvements

  • Standardize root tree to merk avl tree done
  • Path query merge in progress
  • Cost for storage done
  • Worst case costs in progress

What's next?

  • Efficient references
  • Continuation on Worst Case Costs


Goals: Rework chain synchronization process (SPV), SDK repository documentation update

  • Reworking wallet synchronization process in progress
  • POC for synchronization without storage enabled done
  • Updating storage logic in progress
  • Update SDK docs in progress

What's next?

  • SDK repository documentation update
  • Review and QA


Goals: Prepare to release v0.23 for testnet

  • Implementation in review
  • Integration with JS Drive in review
  • Release and deploy v0.23 to devnet in progress
  • ABCI++ for v0.24 in progress

What's next?

  • Continue on fee system
  • Release Platform v0.23
  • ABCI++ integration
  • Withdrawal transitions

Rust port update

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