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Top 14 VS Code Extensions to learn Web Development in a better way!!

Here are the Top 14 VS Code Extensions that I personally use and recommend to Developers who are just starting their journey in the Web Development.

Click on the Extension to get more information and working of a particular Extension.

  1. HTML5 Snippets 4,535,923 installs

HTML5 Snippets

2.HTML Boilerplate 849,643 installs

HTML Boilerplate

3.Color Highlight2,233,163 installs

Color Highlight

4.CSS Peek 1,513,705 installs

CSS Peek

5.Debugger for Chrome7,033,864 installs

Debugger for Chrome

6.ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native Snippets2,199,645 installs

ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native Snippets

7.ES Lint12,333,000 installs

ES Lint

8.Github Pull Requests and Issues1,262,205 installs

Github Pull Requests and Issues

9.HTML CSS Support 4,745,626 installs

HTML CSS Support

10.Intellisense for CSS class names in HTML 2,894,808 installs

Intellisense for CSS class names in HTML

11.Javascript (ES6) Code Snippets 4,619,178 installs

Javascript (ES6) Code Snippets

12.Live Server 9,068,898 installs

Live Server

13.Prettier - Code Formatter 10,035,184 installs

Prettier - Code Formatter

14.Emoji Snippets 24,747 installs

Emoji Snippets

15.Beautify 5,967,980 installs


Do not forget to mention your favourite Extension in the comment section and do let me know if you know any important and amazing Extension other than mentioned above.

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