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This is pretty broad. At what specifically are you looking to differentiate yourself? Technical skills, business savvy, networking, breadth of knowledge, depth of knowledge, unique experience in uncommon tools, guru status in established tools, soft skills, something else entirely?

I'd argue each of these are disparate goals with disparate strategies, there's no one-size-fits-all formula.

Except for healthy sleep hygiene, that seems to be a pretty universal truth.


Thanks for the comment and that's a very good question! Cheshire cat has been trying to tell this since forever :) But I'm not that sure about the formula, for sure I agree it's not about finding the one formula to rule them all, it's always a trade off, but I'd claim that there's a universal truth as well for excelling.

There's a soft glow on things that you can perceive that are made by excellence, and it's both a combination of effort, capability and grit. A software that deliver values and softwares that makes you stressed, and it's not even about "bugs". If the value is delivered and the surroundings are broken, you'll be back. The bugs will be diminished and seemed as unimportant.

There's a system for reaching such status, every time. What's this system?


Ah, I see what you're saying. I'm still not so sure there's this elusive something there to identify, or a new methodology to put you on a better track. Practice begets expertise. You create beauty by first creating lots and lots of crap.

You create beauty by first creating lots and lots of crap.

Very well said :)

Interesting question, though - saving this. Curious what others might have to say.

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