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Software Trainers Welcome

You are an amazing software engineer. You have built great products. You have led small teams to big victories. You have been there done that and done it all. Now, you are more eager to share what you have learnt over the course of your storied career. You know what it means to be a fine engineer and you want to teach others to become rock stars too.

A while ago, seeing the code work gave you the most pleasure. And not so long afterwards, you lived to see the product ship, and then you got high on seeing people use what you built. Now though, you are beginning to find joy in helping other people discover their genius. Now, you take people as your projects and you inspire, teach, mentor, and lead them from green coders to amazing leaders who will go on to accomplish big things.

But you still want to have some skin in the game. It’s not that you don’t want to code anymore, you just want to do it at your own time, and without being told what you built is no longer necessary. You do meaningful work, you do it flawlessly, and you show others how to do better. You want to have the time to learn more, to explore the inner workings of technologies, so you can have even more to share with those coming behind. Everything you do is in the service of making someone else better.

When you are asked questions, you are not the “yes” or “no” kind of person. You would explain your answer, and the logic behind your answer, and then, the logic behind the logic. Lowkey, your friends say you turn every discussion to a TED talk. People love listening to you and taking cues from you. Your passion is infectious.

If you are still reading at this point, we think you have found your next adventure. Okay let us explain.

We are an unlikely band of people. Bikers, Sneaker Heads, Audiophiles, Science Geeks, Comedians, Excel Gurus, Impossible Dreamers, Art Collectors, Fashionistas, Actors, Rastas… and there’s still more of us.

You might be wondering how this motley group of people are able to work together. Well it is not that difficult when there is a dream and a mission to accomplish. We are here to make sure that talent and opportunity never go to waste again. We are working to achieve a world where the smartest people can do their best work. This is what brings us together. It is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We believe that software engineering is one of the highest leverage activities that are available to this generation, as it provides humanity with tools with which to tackle the biggest challenges all around us. If we can get a sizeable number of the smartest Nigerians to become software engineers, we can potentially create the solutions to problems, and also create considerable economic value for Nigeria which will ultimately result in prosperity for all of us as Nigerians.

And this is why this motley bunch came together, led by a visionary who is by no means a regular guy (Haha). Decagon Institute started turning fast learners into software engineers about a year ago and it’s been a wild ride since then. We have seen some of the brightest minds on this side of the Atlantic, we have heard the most incredible stories, and we have literally seen magic happen in a space of 6 months.

We want to do much more than we have achieved in this past year. And that is why we are looking for fellow believers to join us in finding, training, nurturing and placing talent to make meaningful contributions as elite software engineers.

You would typically train and mentor for about 4 hours a day, and you have the rest of the day to further develop yourself, or do other stuff you find enriching. You would be invested in the growth of your proteges and facilitate weekly feedback loops for continuous improvement.

Ideally, you would have worked for at least 3 years and attained pro level command of one or more of the following:

  • JAVA Stack,
  • ANDROID using Java/Kottin,
  • C# and .NET CORE + MVC + Windows Server Administration, Azure,
  • PYTHON – Django/Flask + SQL, ORM (SQL Alchemy or Django ORM)

Apart from a salary that is above industry standard, we provide perks such as HMO, flexible work hours and nice (we mean it) accommodation close to the office. We don’t want you burning precious hours in Lagos traffic.

To join our journey to greatness, send your CV and Cover Letter to (Mail Subject - “Technical Trainer”).

We would love to hear from you and learn about your journey. Come join us in building the future!

a: Decagon Institute
2nd Floor Traditions Building,
Familoni Street, off Lekki-Epe Express,
(beside Eti-Osa Local Government Council)
Lagos, Nigeria.

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