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I first got exposed to GraphQL via Gatsby, which uses it for build-time configuration of data loading into React components. I just think that's cool as all heck - brilliant "off-label" use of the tech. It all disappears in the build stage - your compiled, production-ready bundle has no GraphQL in it at all. When building your site, you get built-in access to GraphiQL configured for your project, which is such a great way to explore and play with your data as it grows and changes.

I haven't spent enough time with it to give any tips, just want to second your "pretty awesome" verdict.


+1. We rebuilt our webiste with Gatsby. It was a really fun experience and got everyone on the team to learn a little React.


That is awesome. I'll check out Gatsby, I heard of it just hadn't used it. Love me some react.


I hope you do - GraphQL is just one of the many things I like about working with Gatsby! I tend towards a framework-averse personality but Gatsby has made a lot of the same choices I would have as well as some I wish I'd thought of.

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