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Discussion on: Stencil: I Think I Found My Frontend Home

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Ben Lovy Author

Yep - My old site is in actix-web, and I plan to continue writing servers in hyper. Part of my goal here is to get more familiar with a more mainstream tech, so TypeScript was a primary driver.

As far as frontends go, I've tried both Yew and hand-rolling with web-sys - I wrote a quick write-up of the latter here:

I think "uncertain" is exactly the word. Not a lot of "1.0" level crates, so you have to expect breaking API changes. I think this should be revisited after everything has had more time to bake, but is an exciting tech to watch.

For simple frontend sites, though, Rust is overkill. JS/TS is the right tool for a lot of cases. If you're doing all your work server-side, then it's a little more robust. I really like hyper.

For frontends, I've wanted to try seed for a while, would be curious to hear how it goes if you do. For rust web servers, I'm most excited about tide but again, we're a little early for it to be ready for use.

As for whether Rust is "production-ready" in a general sense, I think there are domains where it absolutely is, but the big thing that needs to happen is a larger set of "1.0"-stable crates.

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I guess we'll have to wait and see on the client side, in the server side I'm really happy so far with Actix-web, it was kinda hard for me at the start but once you start to get in the groove you even start to enjoy the API docs :D

PS: If you find yourself in the curious mode, take a look to SQLx (is a Rust SQL toolkit fully async with async-std and has forbidden non-safe code 8-o ) I just found it and look very promising, far from 1.0, but looks great.

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Ben Lovy Author

I was also thrilled with actix-web 0.7, but the 1.0 breaking change threw me for a lurch and I haven't spent the time to sit down and learn the new API - I really should.

I saw a reddit post about that - looks very cool. The Rust ecosystem is full of cool stuff. Today I'm playing with cxx, a safer way to interface C++<->Rust than bindgen. It's like getting cool new toys every day.