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Top 8 Web Development Technologies and Frameworks

Are you looking forward to staying abreast with the latest web development technologies? Most customers are no longer impressed with a simple online presence of a web application.

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Knowing the newest web app technologies is crucial for the growth of your business. Otherwise, your brand could be dismissed quickly, and customers shift to the next competitive brand.

Top Web App Development Technologies and Frameworks

You should aim to develop interactive web applications with the latest tools and technology to remain relevant in the market. Below are some of the best web application technologies.


Symfony is a web application that was initially developed by a Frenchman called Fabien Potencier. His web development agency called Sensio Labs supported this project. This is a web application with a set of reusable PHP modules.

The reason why you might love Symfony is that it has all the features needed for a web application development. It offers excellent documentation and has many plug-ins to speed up your creation of web applications.

Its open-source components are free to use, and you will also get standardized tools from its library. You can use the tools in various projects and avoid tiresome, repetitive tasks. Its Model-View-Controller Design pattern makes everyone’s work clear while working as a team.

If you have projects with high complexity, this is the best technology to use. You can use it to build web apps that can change according to the change in your business requirements. Symfony community has over 600,000 developers from different countries.

Ruby on Rails

Are you planning to build a modern web application but don’t know where to start. You would be thrilled to use Ruby on Rails. It has all the components you need for impressive website applications.

It has a framework that offers developers a time-saving way for writing code. It is a collection of code libraries that gives developers solutions to repetitive tasks. Ruby and Rails was launched in 2005 and is free to use.

This technology runs on Linux and gets you to work on your planning and development stage quickly. The Ruby and Rails are quite different from other web applications.


Here is another popular web application technology that comes from Google. Initially, this was launched as a Java script open-source framework which makes it possible to make a lightweight blazingly fast single-page web applications with a model-view-controller.

Angular has eight versions till the time of writing this article. Angular 1 and Angular 2 were based on JavaScript and thereafter it was switched to typescript. The immense popularity and thorough open-source web development have made Angular a highly sophisticated web development framework. At the end of 2018, PrimeNG was launched where they have provided an open-source angular library with almost every component which is required to build a web application. This kind of support by PrimeNG, Bootstrap and material has marginally ramped up the speed of design and development of web applications.

React JS

React JS was initially created by a software engineer called Jordan Walke, who was working for Facebook. This JavaScript library was developed by Facebook in 2011 and later on, was used on Instagram in 2012.

If you are looking for a web technology for building a single page application, React JS would be the best technology. To sum up this in layman’s words components are created in a centralized position in React Js and then are referenced from different pages which is much simpler than JavaScript-based frameworks. If Redux is used with this then refreshing of only required fields can be done instead of refreshing and loading the whole page.

You can use it to handle the view layer for web applications and mobile apps as well. You can as well use this technology together with JavaScript frameworks like Angular JS. React JS aims to be simple, scalable and fast.

Some features of the React JS are React native, JSX and single-way data flow. It’s now your turn to create interactive UIs painlessly with the help of React JS.

Cake PHP

Are you in need of a web app development technology that will help you create web applications easily faster and with less coding? Try the Cake PHP, and you won’t be disappointed. This is a modern technology that gives you a flexible database access layer.

With its unique scaffolding system, you can quickly build both complex and small systems. This is an exciting technology because it’s possible to reuse the code of your previous projects through it.

It will help you save time and money as it speeds up the process of web app development. It is perfect for commercial applications because it is licensed under MIT license.

Be assured of security as it comes with built-in tools for SQL injection prevention, input validation, form tampering protection and CSRF protection. is a web development programming language used to build various types of web applications. It has tools, libraries and programming languages to facilitate the creation of these applications. This is cross-platform and free as well. is a well-known platform built by Microsoft in 2002. It is popular because of its expertise to create rich web applications and web pages. Most companies love using it for web application and web development.

Yii Framework

Do you need to create web applications with repetitive tasks? That can be quite tiresome. But Yii Framework makes everything simple. It is efficient, simple, secure and fast. It is safe because it has built-in tools to aid you to write stable and reliable code.

It works almost like It is a framework that enables you to get your web applications in an active phase within a short time. Besides that, it offers you a secure data migration utility. With that, you can upgrade or downgrade the versions of your web application on different installations.

Node js

Node js is a runtime JavaScript environment that is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node js executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node js lets developers use JavaScript to write command-line tools and for server-side scripting and running scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user's web browser. A survey conducted by Stack overflow revealed that most developers preferred using the Node Js to create back end web applications.

Examples of MVC Node JS frameworks include Express js, Hapijs, locomotive, Total js, Koa js, Sails js and many others. Node js is designed to create vertically and horizontally scalable web applications that offer almost zero downtime.

Web applications are essential in the branding process of your business. They make your business simple and help you achieve your goals faster than you expected. Through web applications, you can target many clienteles and meet the demands of your business.

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Vuejs has better performance than angular.
Further vuejs is good

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Yes, Agree. VueJS has got better performance than angular so it is also a better option.

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