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DECK 👨‍💻
DECK 👨‍💻

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DECK with svelte 🔥

Initially, DECK V3, which started as a Proof of Concept, was only dependent on Electron JS. Then we decided to move the codebase with Svelte. So here are some hurdles and achievements that can be interesting to share with you all.

Hurdles without framework 😮‍💨

  • Too risky for a small or one-person team

  • Struggle a lot to maintain code for a vast application

  • Struggle to communicate with a UI framework

  • Structure the code which can be flexible to understand for future developers

Achievements with Svelte 🤗

  • Outstanding performance with less code

  • Control over components

  • Flexible and structured code

  • Way easy for beginners to start on it

  • No more struggle with a UI framework compatibility

  • Great community support

Apart from the above points, we loved the way Svelte is built, and the intention of the framework is precisely matched with DECK. We needed a lightweight, less code, fast performance, easy to write JS framework on top of Electron JS.

We love writing svelte. If you have faced any of these hurdles, give a try to Svelte.

Get DECK today 💕.

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