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Deepjyoti Barman
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4 lesser known free comment hosting services better than Disqus

A few days ago I was developing a page for a client and one of the requirements was having a comment section in the blog posts, which made me wonder, how should I go about implementing a comment hosting service.

I did brainstorm for a while about implementing it on my own but then I had that feeling it would take some time because a lot of things would have to be taken into consideration like anonymous comments, nested comments etc.

As I am, I ended up looking for open source comment hosting services. First I wondered around the likes of Disqus and and then I started looking for open source alternatives. I was surprised by the amount of open source software available just for that.

Sergey Lisakov eventually has a whole page for just that. I have to say this page has it all, each and every open source comment hosting service and we can sort them by a lot of different categories. It's exaggerating in a way, like, which one should I use.

After a whole lot of Let me try this and I swear this would be the last one, I finally zeroed down on 4 of them which I think are the best ones.

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

Nice but no comments on the site to see how your best solution works.

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Deepjyoti Barman

Yeah. This post was written way back and I recently updated my personal site so the comments part is gone.