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Cliff - The rust DBMS

Robin Lindner
・1 min read

What is Cliff?

Cliff is supposed to be a database management system like Microsoft Sql Server, MariaDB and PostgresDB. Even if additional features are planned this should be the basic structure. What distinguishes us from the others is that we use Rust. A memory-safe programming language without garbage collection or reference counting but which uses the ownership system.


Since Cliff is a relatively new project and there is no working prototype yet and a DBMS is not a small project either, we are urgently looking for support.

Furthermore you have the advantage that a pull request will be counted to the Hacktoberfest this month.

What if I do not know Rust?

This is not a problem. We need people who maintain the documentation or design the website and addons like the webinterface with Svelte.


Kind regards,
Robin Lindner
The initiator of the cliff project

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nats1234 profile image

I'm excited about DeepRobin's visions. I am sure that the project will be a success.

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Dev Guide Daily

I was always curious about rust. Thank you for posting 👍