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Isn't this "Inception" ? An editor which runs on top of a browser accessed by a browser so that you can write code that runs in a browser.


We need to go deeper. Let the container run in a browser, too!


I'm sure you could do that. There are some projects that emulate an OS (with WASM I guess), so technically you could install a Linux distro and docker inside it.


With how hype VS Code is today, this might really take off.

Edit: It didn't sync with my clipboard for a long time, even after giving it the permission and then reloading the page in a new tab. It works fine now.
Too bad they don't remove the title bar when you do "window.menuBarVisibility": "toggle", takes up too much space.


I'm fairly sure Microsoft is gradually implementing VSC in browser so you can work directly on the source in Azure hosted apps.


wow, this just happened today

interested to know about your predictions for next year

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