Did you ever have to relocate due to work? What was that like?

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Did you ever relocate due to work?

I just moved from Uruguay to Spain (last December), with my wife and kids... it's been interesting. There are cultural similarities, but also some major differences. We're still adjusting.

What about you? How far did you have to move? Were you alone? How long did it take for you and whoever moved with you to feel "at home"?

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Great topic for discussion :)

I relocated from New Zealand to London by myself and found a job, friends and home for two years. It's the traditional thing for New Zealand 20-somethings to do as the UK is so much closer to Europe for travel, and there are much more job opportunities.

After coming home to New Zealand for six months my new employer had an opening in London, I wasn't adjusting back into New Zealand life, so I went back for another two years. This time with a job to go.

When I came back to New Zealand the second time I was ready for the 'reverse culture shock' and dealt with the quiet streets and small towns a lot better.


Davide has done some moving around for work and can probably share some experiences too

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